Template 7

250$ - 1 year

230$ - 2 year

210$ - 3 year

The modern young design template gives customers a comfortable feeling to use, with special features that will surely give users a special interesting. Selling a good product means having a website that represents your product perfectly and equally attractive to customers.

Template information

- User friendly interface, compatible with mobile devices, good tablets. Optimize fast page loading speed.
- Template compatible with all trades
- Integrated product loading feature using Ajax to speed up the experience of reducing website latency
- Fast shopping feature with smart shopping cart helps customers update product quantity and price quickly.
- Mega smart menu helps customers easily find the desired products quickly
- Website also clicked on many different product modules to help customers easily customize more diverse products.
- Product module is easily customized when using, quantity options, the number of products displayed
- We offer you discounted hourly rates, to attract customers to special products
- The banner image is easily set up and spread over the website to help you easily post the advertising images that attract the best attention.
- Flexible store system to help you easily change as you like
- Smart filters make it easy for your customers to filter what is relevant to their search interests
- Integrated product evaluation application
- Integrating order tracking application
- The template allows you to easily change the configuration, font interface, image colors on the website to increase website flexibility as you like.
 And there are countless other special features .... sure to help you solve the difficulty of finding a satisfactory website interface.