Template 1

250$ - 1 year

230$ - 2 year

210$ - 3 year

Web 1 Template is a beautifully designed, modern and fresh interface for small supermarket websites trading furniture ...

With the dominant orange color and many outstanding features of a sales website, Web 1 will not make you think and choose to use it for your business needs.


1. The theme is beautifully designed with many beautiful product blocks to help you comfortably display the aesthetics, strengths and bring a comprehensive view of multi-industry business website.

2. The template is modernly arranged in the form of a beautifully designed product portfolio in the middle of the page, highlighting the page so that customers can easily access the product catalog that they want to find.

3. Theme designed product categories in a beautiful new style to increase customer experience

4. Smart filter feature can search quickly The brand or supplier you want to find helps customers find any product, even if your website has thousands of products.

5. The smart shopping cart page makes it easy to add or remove products.

6. Responsive technology application theme, template has an optimal display on all devices such as PCs, phones and tablets, product images displayed beautifully to customers.

Web 1 interface can be applied to many different industries. Ability to customize easily, flexibly, you can easily change colors, images and font sizes to suit each type of product.